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[海外职位] 来迈阿密提高你在餐饮业的管理才能吧!

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' N: }; }+ `4 c5 v6 t; G
+ W( i6 N# G6 ?Enhance your FB Supervisory skills in Miami!
/ n" T8 j8 D. B. ]; n* m/ C来迈阿密提高你在餐饮业的管理才能吧!
* ^2 I4 e- w- v( d

* X# e1 d. o7 D4 o4 g 职位2.jpg ' R. o/ @4 s& z4 H  G+ w1 n

  V% S1 ?* d6 S9 d+ `, y3 Q; q3 c0 M" B/ b; }: w# n5 A6 N) C
Location: Miami, FL8 f: B, @) s9 g, t1 z
Region: Career USA
$ M. U  ?6 G0 m! {工作地点:美国,弗罗里达州,迈阿密(Miami, FL, USA)
% m5 e2 Z( Q) R" o# l8 {% X
  z$ h  p: N& n7 R6 [
Detailed description 职位描述
- Z0 l+ x% d2 B( D( |& z# s3 L+ IEnhance your F&B skills and learn some management skills at this new restaurant looking for a passionate person who can connect with the guests and exceed the guest experience. While living in Sunny Miami! On your days off catch a tan at the famous Miami Beaches, explore downtown Miami, Cuban food, enjoy the seasonal music festivals and Art Basel in December! Apply today this won't last long!
+ i$ u8 Y8 j( h来这家新开业的餐厅提高你的餐饮业服务技巧并学习管理知识吧,这家餐厅急需一名充满激情的工作人员,需要善于与客人沟通并能提供超越客人期待的服务。在阳光明媚的迈阿密(Miami)居住你可以尽情的在迈阿密的沙滩享受日光浴并晒出迷人的小麦色,探索迈阿密的市中心,品尝这里的古巴(Cuban)食物,欣赏季节音乐节和12月巴塞尔艺术博览会(Art Basel)!时间不等人,赶快进行申请吧!

! l  C0 T/ |& a* w' H8 g0 e% H6 o' F
GHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!# m; y* A9 b' O4 i; M  I8 V* J
GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。

; A# H1 Z6 Y1 m  t
  r0 X  a7 c/ @3 [4 NPlacement Remarks 职位附注
7 |( y6 [& h+ ~/ @6 ^Restaurant server will earn $5.03/hr plus service charge and tips. On average you can expect aprox $15.00 per hour based on history. Keep in mind this not guaranteed. As a Host you will earrn $12.00/hr plus service charge % perr shift. and as a Restaruant Supervisor/Floor Supervisor your rate of pay will be $15.00/hr with no tips.
3 M) Z  _' A$ a- b2 X餐厅服务生每小时5.03美元还有服务费和小费,根据往常来看,你每小时的收入可达到15.00美元,但是这个金额并不是保证可以获得的。作为餐厅前台接待的收入是12.00/小时外加每班百分之几的服务费,餐厅主管和楼层主管工资是15.00/小时没有小费。

4 E5 T1 n+ }% y/ D% T; F# B( u' t. s2 h+ {2 v
Benefits included a complimentary meal per shift worked. FOH we provide uniform shirts, but you MUST bring your ownblack pants, black belt and black non slip shoes. The restaurant will provided airport pick up to your housing destination, as long as you communicate with Rhonda before booking your flight.! H" d8 t5 h7 {$ e: s2 Y+ \

; T: _' Z. w. q) S$ a3 |8 {. L/ A+ g9 x4 Z6 j
Housing is not offered upon your arrival. Make sure you check with HRC and HTP for housing options before arriving.( E# y) Z( F; l8 G; g# M# \9 `

0 g) Z8 k; \- W% _, O
( O* q- {$ D9 O- P% fSalary 工资待遇% z* C( S3 x0 f& A9 Y
$5.03 per hour plus tips - $15.00 per hour
- E9 k$ h' z& b' `  w7 K7 I5.03美元/小时+小费—15.00美元/小时

% a$ v: j$ b* N# J6 P5 {' J
9 X  J2 O) u& Z1 Z( y1 `Local attractions 当地信息7 {( R; R8 g8 G. h4 `+ ^ x$ i+ Z8 N/ t0 H* t
www.miamiandbeaches.com8 \! K7 n' f" \; x
5 [: F/ c/ u  c  _* y' M) q  B2 O! ~5 }5 e4 h! W% g* C% L+ H

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