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[海外职位] 商务酒店招聘客房专员,给您带来无与伦比的体验!

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Rooms Person for Rewarding Experience at Business Hotel
- m5 V$ g' I5 J+ F, c4 R8 b, w商务酒店招聘客房专员,给您带来无与伦比的体验!

4 k# `+ a" U, Z3 X+ E: Z4 Q+ X  z5 {# v: ^; m7 f/ \) _
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Location: Chicago, IL
/ k6 Q8 |( ^! P- @* E/ mRegion: Career USA% t' |( l8 N1 A( M0 b) z
工作地点:美国,伊利诺州,芝加哥(Chicago, IL,USA)
6 p3 U7 _. Z' A  `/ o
7 C) J  G( u6 a, I4 _+ s: L! _2 R
Detailed description 职位描述
( u% r3 z, N7 Z: V- sExpand your Rooms knowledge at this 1,000 guest room hotel that continuously stays busy. Recently renovated that features cutting-edge design, innovative spaces and stylish guestrooms. In the Rooms Division you will be under direct supervising of the Director of Rooms and Front Office Management team will you will learn everything possible at this grand hotel while providing outstanding customer service to the guests.
2 _( p, t% [9 `* \来这家拥有1000间客房的酒店扩展你的客房知识吧,这家酒店业务繁忙,最近采用最前沿的设计进行了装修,拥有创新的空间和时尚的客房。在客房部工作,客房主管和前厅经理将是你的直接领导,在这家豪华的酒店你可以尽情的学习酒店管理知识并同时为顾客提供出色的服务。

) J% d  B- Z. d/ X* y , K; N7 h" d5 J5 x
While training in Chicago take the opportunity to explore this new city! Visit Navy Pier on a summer day, go catch a concert at Millennium Park, go shopping at the famous, Magnificent Mile, or check out a cultural activity like one of the many Sports Teams of Chicago to include the Bears, Hawks, Cubs and White Sox! / l7 [5 }' ^5 M$ A  U  z; ?5 o+ z
在芝加哥(Chicago)接受培训的期间,你可以借此机会来探索这座城市。去参观海军码头(Navy Pier),去千禧公园(Millennium Park)听一场音乐会,去著名的壮丽大道区(Magnificent Mile)购物,或参加一场文艺活动——芝加哥有很多的运动队如雄队,老鹰队,小熊队和白袜队。
$ J" I# h1 B! q/ u
8 S; A- D* N- x* T/ o
GHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!
" p4 @: l& i% w0 i- `GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。

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Placement Remarks 职位附注& Q! N- _2 y* c1 {; N
Benefits:  福利待遇, I- d, I- E. Q: z" Q
A complimentary meal and uniform will be provided. Free parking offered if you have a car. The hotel will offer 14 days of complimentary hotel accommodations to cover the cost of the room and taxes. You will be able to eat in the employee cafeteria free during your stay. All other incidentals are your own responsibility.
, b+ ?3 `$ [" _0 |2 z酒店提供免费的工作餐和制服,如果你有车将提供免费停车位,酒店将提供长达14天的免费住房且免税,在此停留期间你可以在职工餐厅免费用餐,其他费用需要自付。
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Salary 工资待遇
1 ?$ l  E% L# l2 V/ t$13.75  0 O/ J; w) Y( h4 s
4 O+ r) c- z; G: Z9 n
: {! R$ `2 y% {# [* d
Requirements 工作要求
( d( U% f# ~, x) B8 pMust have at least 6 months of previous Front Desk experience
, F: l; n( Z, w8 L  a* J必须有至少六个月前台工作经验。

+ q, b# g. d) r; f/ q . u. p$ V# }1 h; v$ k( y
Local attractions 当地信息3 `" c* j0 X# Y- w
0 u5 {9 n0 _3 l# T1 _* n( w8 f \4 W$ a. @& U$ o" C* q
: O8 r0 K8 P  ]5 s& ]

9 |# H5 s( x6 Y2 k7 X' r) ]1 y" ?& T

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