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[海外职位] 对能力非凡的厨师来说这是在加州工作的理想机会!

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Ideal Opportunity for Exceptional Chef in California!7 q) V  k) z9 W

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9 h9 Q& k2 v% L$ R; F  X  qLocation: Napa Valley, Wine Country3 G, e" D4 D1 l0 ~8 v& `
Region: Career USA
  K8 K* Y) ]5 [: w: C( }0 ~6 b工作地点:美国,葡萄酒之乡,纳帕谷(Napa Valley, Wine Country, USA)
5 @" ~$ r' ]! V& M
$ |0 Q5 k4 D: z0 h( x7 R
Detailed description 职位描述& {0 t, [( x$ G  d/ E/ {8 |
This luxury hotel is a member of Relais & Chateaux, an international association of 427 elite independent hotels and restaurants in 43 countries. Perched on the slopes of Rutherford Hill, overlooking the valley of verdant vines, this property echoes the Mediterranean feeling of the wine country with its French accented country inn ambiance.
: |; u! l7 I. d6 p$ S& S; w罗莱夏朵集团(Relais & Chateaux)在全球43个国家拥有427家精品独立酒店及餐厅,这家奢华酒店就是其中之一。这家酒店位于卢瑟福山(Rutherford Hill)的斜坡上,可以俯瞰山谷中翠绿的葡萄藤,这里给人的感觉与盛产葡萄酒及讲法语的地中海(Mediterranean)颇为相似。

3 e$ _8 D1 u& v( p" }. A7 ?4 H
' S; y0 G8 i. o: }4 d0 fGHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!
% t! C, L8 j/ U% ?GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。

3 d8 R- C- d! |
# S# K' v# X  v: Z. fPlacement Remarks 职位附注
2 M; z* ]4 R5 `6 B/ r0 T& iBenefits: Include 10 vacation days and 3 personal days off after one year of employment. One meal per shift is provided complimentary and so are uniforms. The property will provide housing up to 14 days, based on hotel availability. The trainee will need to purchase a car.
: u% E/ ?! M/ Y' r福利待遇:员工入职满一年后享有10天假期3天事假,职工每班可享受酒店提供的免费工作餐一份,酒店免费提供制服。酒店将根据入住率提供长达14天的住房。培训生将有需要购买一辆汽车。

6 z7 v$ S) X& g
" ?+ b# s0 C& A' rSalary 工资待遇
. x7 l* b6 Z6 l% k$13/hour  
+ d+ E! i" F& t8 y13美元/小时
. F4 R$ f, A) @* i/ c$ M

$ J7 Q( b& @6 [& d# |, sRequirements  工作要求
  `6 ]- U$ A3 j0 w" N* U7 t  MCandidates should have experience working in Relais & Chateaux or Michelin restaurants.) P* |, i1 \# b* o* e8 q- X; v
9 b" N: q: {. }" H" |! @
  O) z4 K2 r4 I8 J1 j7 a. l$ o4 H
Local attractions  当地信息
% W: J* i  A( o

' h) n! v4 K/ b, ], E
6 H4 z$ ^2 m* ~6 Q

% }8 G3 g3 d6 ^8 A+ [& C: l) Y: W
1 r& I" X; y8 E; [9 S6 w& c

. w; K1 c$ `% ^0 f7 s6 r

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