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[海外职位] 国会大厦机场酒店餐饮部主管职位招聘

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F&B Supervisor at Busy Airport Hotel in Nation’s Capitol
5 j, L' j2 U0 p; @1 ^国会大厦机场酒店餐饮部主管职位招聘

5 z) F  q+ G* W5 [+ B: b8 K1 _
& A6 S9 D; ^6 ?+ Z 职位5.jpg
& }6 Y6 x3 `& U% @  A& D( L+ j
; H" M* ~, N; b6 E, |8 Y1 q- p7 }8 Z& r: j2 Y
Location: Arlington, Virginia
" V* _* d6 t0 h  [' ARegion: Career USA
* ?  Y5 x9 p0 o% b工作地点:美国,弗吉尼亚州,阿灵顿(Arlington, Virginia,USA)
% h6 b" u- V; q; r * z( S  d1 {( ?& n# R2 h7 e6 U
Detailed description 职位描述, k& a9 ?6 T: }, ]
Gain supervisory skills while training at this hotel for 12 months! Looking for only the best people to fill this role! 3 s; f  E8 U1 M; Y! i/ x1 P6 e

$ f0 R& K4 o4 b% o 0 u: t3 r, z1 M2 ~* E% ^" j
White House, Lincoln Memorial, Cherry Blossom Festival come to DC to train in a high guest service ranked hotel in F&B for a 12 month visa! . b" A1 j( \/ X9 `1 S
华盛顿拥有白宫(White House)、林肯纪念堂(Lincoln Memorial)和樱花节(Cherry Blossom Festival),在这里,您将在这一顶级酒店接受为期12个月的餐饮部培训。

1 |. q' i/ _/ ?8 y& j) p9 U& s
) X: @. b' _. X1 I; L2 o* vTrain at this 3 Diamond Int'l hotel to enhance your F&B skills! 7 z: g4 r# K( b3 d0 ^
1 x) u0 K! ~$ m
& g# z1 ^5 q$ K3 p. ~0 a
By using the metro you can get around all over the DC area. On your free time you can invest your time to soak up all the culture in DC, Alexandria, Arlington, Annapolis and even out to Boston, NYC, or New England via the transit. With your central location you can see anywhere on the east coast with low travel costs!
6 I1 r& j* }$ `" ^& `你可以环游整个华盛顿区,非工作日,可以让自己尽情领略华盛顿的文化气息。可以前往亚历山大市(Alexandria)、阿灵顿(Arlington)、安纳波利斯(Annapolis)甚至去波士顿(Boston),纽约(NYC)和新英格兰(New England)。因为你位于中心位置,你可以去美国东海岸旅游且花费低廉。

; W' I8 d) @7 r3 o
8 \( R5 d( l( ^GHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!  _9 }6 G/ U5 [
GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。

& J6 |& `9 h/ V3 P& {
. Z' j" X: H: h$ l! g2 m7 `Placement Remarks 职位附注
2 w( \2 F! W4 N1 ]; K1 `6 WAs a Supervisor you will be paid $13.00 per hour.& o1 S% M' s' I9 j8 d/ V; G" \

/ M$ p* k7 m" G1 t + W* M4 Y3 k! N. g# S
Benefits: 福利待遇
9 j4 w; H/ \) [# e* Discounts at other chain hotel properties
+ u# z2 k4 a' K! a. l( x在其他连锁酒店享有优惠。
9 }0 @1 ]6 g# D  r8 S

6 {  H6 a7 u! c; ?8 @- W* Meals are $1.50 per candidate per shift
- r: o! [1 ]5 x( T! `  i7 t每班享有1.5美元餐补
7 M* |' [1 {# ~: K& C) J0 r3 x
; V/ I; M# i/ G( p) A* Based on the number of hours worked, candidate can earn up to 8 days of vacation and 2 sick days.
/ k- I$ \7 k3 a根据工作时间,可享有8天假期和2天病假# Q( V8 a' B& H5 k7 a! I  x
2 s/ {" j, L1 Y) P/ u  j
* The client will provide at least 14 days of complimentary accommodations for room and tax.# ]2 [- ~9 X1 Q/ ~8 Y

; B8 _0 H$ O: H: ^- M! k- ZSalary 工资待遇/ d" {! R) T4 {% F- y0 l4 _1 l
$13.00  13美元/小时
) x  H+ x/ e# H
8 _7 {* F/ O9 D( X7 n1 a* w! b
Requirements 工作要求0 d* m5 F& {0 h5 Y( x8 _5 V8 j
Must have 2 years of F&B experience with current Supervisor skills in a Restaurant and or Bar, preferably with Bartending experience.! K; Q# y' H  x

/ g$ U8 s: R# t. y
8 H! ~2 }: I( U; ]Local attractions 当地信息" R. C# W. l6 R  g% R
1 x& s3 X8 N# ]( a( Q ; c; F: M: c% t. D

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