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[海外职位] 高雅的经典酒店急招一名积极向上的员工!

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Elegant and Classic hotel seeks postive individual!# I8 r: P; e" X4 J+ i& z; b& A
5 ?4 Z! G$ ~- S/ Q" G4 S  [( `$ n4 k; q# M

& Z) q1 y5 Z' Y1 MLocation: New Orleans, Louisiana2 K. X/ V9 k+ v- _3 h
Region: Career USA  w5 T5 v( }- ]! _: K4 k
工作地点:美国,路易斯安那州,新奥尔良(New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
6 K% U3 ^2 ~4 Z" t% P8 n
* H' N' L+ Q/ x) G  m* R  o4 P$ Z

7 {6 V! _$ m7 K5 Y. ?; y 职位.jpg , i' _0 S: Y0 Z2 Q% y' y

8 F+ z# l+ ^1 F  h4 r" J6 ?9 ^% A1 o" z

: G4 u! y( H3 A  G& H$ JDetailed description 职位描述% O4 d+ N  x- P+ }3 x+ E) G; `
Explore the American Southern city with its jazz festivals, Mardi Gras and deep culture!, a2 o" X' Q3 w/ Z- I2 N, i, E; r
来探索美国南部这座城市吧,这里有爵士音乐节(jazz festivals),狂欢节(Mardi Gras)和深厚的文化内涵。。) a  P; Y5 R4 o. ^9 h$ {% F7 N- ]$ ~4 w

- V+ {( \4 t# R2 u6 G  I
( E9 p- V/ V5 X  `
5* Luxury International Branded Classic Hotel is seeking an outgoing, passionate hospitality professional with a great personality to shine in a Front Office role! Rotate through Reception/ Front Desk, Night Audit and Concierge! Experience the Big Easy with their legendary Mardi Gras and Jazz Festivals. Taste and see various cultural inspirations in this historic city filled with vibrant restaurants and legendary bars. Do you enjoying making the guest feel #1? Are you Guest Service oriented? Then this is the property for you! Apply Now before it's too late! 6 @  k8 H7 p9 S0 k- z7 `: u
五星级国际性的品牌经典酒店需要一名性格外向,积极热情的专业人士并且需要能够胜任前台工作。应聘人员需要在接待处/前台,夜审及礼宾部交替工作。来自由城(the Big Easy新奥尔良别称)体验它传奇般的狂欢节和爵士音乐节吧!这座历史悠久的城市有很多家热闹非凡的餐厅及传奇般的酒吧,来这里捕捉各种各样的文化灵感吧。如果你想为顾客提供服务,喜欢为顾客提供服务的感觉吗,那么这个职位就是为你准备的,马上进行申请吧!8 W6 d# @- F5 y, ?

2 J6 F$ f* W- T
( G+ g% g+ m3 v; X
GHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!" l2 Q8 \* X. B( ~
GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。5 t! p3 J6 ]; v2 O+ r* C

7 K) @, B' S& `0 {' C

7 S+ ?9 P: P- {, s$ f0 EPlacement Remarks  职位附注
5 N# L! o" H, B2 ?Rate of Pays: Front Desk Agent - $11.50, Night Auditor and Personal Concierge - $12.00+ {) h3 ~$ o4 b! n/ V2 U
薪资标准:前台接待员—11.50美元/小时,夜审及礼宾—12.00美元/小时% F4 W7 N( l  P5 l6 z7 T/ |! Y3 a
**OnQ Training will take about 4 weeks OnQ培训大约四周!.2 f/ L. u# J) M/ F: M4 {. o! G

7 U* B$ J4 S/ u$ V1 e+ W
- |* t0 e8 B/ |' d8 l: t
Benefits:  福利待遇* v# ?% W( t, ]( w0 ?
It is up to the J1 to find their own housing upon your arrival to New Orleans.
0 A  y' i; C( Z$ W% ~! D  C0 [% Y+ G员工到达新奥尔良以后自行寻找住处。, w" c# A! U% n# R% Z; B/ ?
Paid Time Off (PTO) is accrued after 90 days of employment. You will accrue 5.67 hours per 80 hours worked.
$ j% D9 c: C5 k% G正式入职90天后享有带薪休假(PTO),每工作80小时就可以获得5.67小时的带薪休假。
/ r% o$ c- e; X2 pThe hotel does provide 1 free meal per shift which is in our employee cafeteria. 3 H# K1 d7 O$ o6 h) S. ~' X& p
6 \9 K/ j2 U2 v! \7 r/ _5 nThe hotel will provide a uniform for our employees at no charge and the uniform is cleaned free of charge. You will be fitted for your uniforms on their first day and tailored if needed. # S4 W7 q: ]( ?- u
$ \5 q7 ~( q" I! {& k0 JThe hotel is on a bi-weekly paid period schedule.& O6 Y7 Q- T, o/ d7 ~
+ s6 W5 g5 i$ L9 w* f: M9 M
0 M$ N+ S0 G6 \7 o2 Z+ K+ _
% {: v9 N6 M* e7 C& [% b; Q+ _9 {# }
Salary  工资待遇
! \0 G3 L1 z5 h) J( r: w11.50/Hour  
# n7 \$ v% |/ I11.50美元/小时) t* @6 N7 ?* D& H9 M4 ^( j$ G& w
' J( m7 V, X& |" D
- `( ^. ~" [* J  |
Requirements  工作要求8 w  ^- `! B# {% B. y' u' y8 z. ^
Most important: English +4 and prior Rooms experience. If luxury work experience that would be a plus!! N6 M$ C8 n8 h, I$ D" \8 j$ Z8 _1 E# P
最重要的:英语水平需达到四级以上并且需要有客房服务经验,在奢华酒店的工作经验将成为你的加分项。) Z4 W/ f1 j  B0 Z) X

: }% O: `% e7 Y4 x! X" Y
" v& `) N" Q/ P6 G& `9 y3 U7 A' Z& P
Local attractions  当地信息2 k% A5 [$ {$ |9 O : I5 n( @' I) w9 z( k) x  v" ^5 n
  `- t1 B4 H: f, @- H% l/ x0 J3 N7 q& x, e6 [/ y' D

' q# P0 r! ]3 C2 n, F7 }, H' ^7 d$ @

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