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[海外职位] 五星级海滩度假村餐饮部急招南非籍服务员!

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F&B Server from South Africa Needed at 5 Star Beach Resort
2 S7 ^* }) [7 y五星级海滩度假村餐饮部急招南非籍服务员!" [; b) V8 X' v

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' j2 b: W  G9 rLocation: Sunny Isles, FL
  {! E' T& R, \: m+ I( @Region: Career USA
, S* R4 L( W) K$ F" c工作地点: 美国,弗洛里达州,阳光岛屿(Sunny Isles, FL, USA)
4 ]' K$ c3 u) {% r2 g
2 d& b7 m2 H7 n8 @4 X  W0 u5 x

" @7 c4 s9 h8 `6 o% \/ q% z. m; ^, B; A 职位5.jpg $ n- _( K+ |/ a6 f/ ]: l! _
9 D9 L& Y- `5 S# ^. k* Z+ L

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5 X% I0 ]5 i0 o) V2 t% p4 F
Detailed description  职位描述* ]( @. V& i, {; f/ L1 i0 [
Train in the F&B Division at one of South Florida's premier 5 star/5 Diamond properties. Do you have luxury hotel or Leading Hotel of the World work history? Expand your 5 star service skill and customer service skills at this beautiful luxury resort. ! h9 J; t( o! n7 ?
来弗洛里达州南部五星级/钻级酒店的餐饮部接受培训。你有在奢华酒店或是世界一流酒店工作的经验吗?来这家美丽奢华的度假村提高你的五星级服务及客服技巧吧!; ^0 P5 }: s0 S/ X# I, ~7 @' v8 `& C
. H( T5 d9 k( K8 F: V2 _* W: e
. t& U$ S+ f* u6 X5 T% L  t$ E1 o
GHEAC's Career USA Program offers Hospitality internships, traineeships, J-1 visa training, management positions, and hotel jobs in the United States. This training gives you international work experience in the U.S. that you can use abroad. We have placements opportunities all over America such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and more!; r4 i+ t- `; Y) d- J) z& b1 f
GHEAC-环球酒店教育与行业联盟美国职位项目提供美国境内酒店实习,培训,J-1签证培训,管理职位和酒店工作。这项培训将在美国为您提供全球通用的国际性工作经验。我们的实习地点遍布全美如纽约(New York),迈阿密(Miami),圣地亚哥(San Diego),洛杉矶(Los Angeles)等多个城市。* Q, _" x/ X- Z; m
" A- X2 J( ?7 P. B7 `2 [1 S

" z5 `8 N1 P3 p, V8 q1 lPlacement Remarks  职位附注6 a/ D* i2 }) n
During your training you will have the ability to train in multiple restaurants for serving and hosting based on the needs of the business. In the first 30 days of your serving roles, you may start as an Asst Server before moving into the Serving role.. u' ^6 \0 b+ _( i% _. {
实习期间,根据工作需要,你将在多家餐厅进行餐厅服务和接待培训。在餐厅服务培训的前30天内,你将从服务生助理做起,然后是服务生。 8 V5 y' S! C( U0 |- W& W
Host: $10.00 no tips % X6 c* J! L3 J5 m; w
接待:10.00美元没有小费2 s3 A. N+ L# G/ H" f0 p
Assistant Server: $7.50 per hour plus tips; on average $10.00 per hour with tips
6 E5 L3 B$ K. }2 |服务生助理: 每小时7.50美元+小费;加上小费平均每小时10.00美元$ [3 G6 k3 {5 j  q- P8 \6 y- `
Server: $5.75 per hour plus tips; on average $15.00 per hour with tips# x( u0 O* L+ s2 m% G
服务生: 每小时5.75美元+小费;加上小费平均每小时15美元。
6 S4 R2 F9 i; n7 q1 s; ?( iBenefits include:   福利待遇4 }7 a/ \- w0 P5 e% w
Free meals per shift worked and a complimentary uniform is offered.4 Y3 F: I' {; u& ?7 }6 m
% s, a( O8 S# e+ w$ FAfter 90 days, you are eligible for Holiday pay and Paid Time off will start to accrue. Paid Time off is available based on the number of hours the team member has worked; please check your employee handbook for specific details. The employer will provide up to 14 days of accommodations on property so you can apply for your social security and find a place to live. The hotel will offer a complimentary room; all other expenses other then your room and tax will be your responsibility. Please check with your contact before booking your flight.1 N5 h! r( P- d* r! p; h
入职满90天后,你将开始享受带薪休假(Paid Time off)。带薪休假的时间取决于工作时间;具体细节请查看职工手册。酒店将提供长达14天的免费住房,在此期间你可以进行社保申请并解决住房问题。酒店提供免费房间(免房费和税),其余所有花费自付。在预定航班之前请与您的联络人联系并确认。* v2 j0 g5 y8 g5 [  ~
7 x! e4 R/ R' u2 C& k4 W

6 q9 M- S$ g; k, J2 P$ c, K$ U7 tSalary  工资水平
' m6 V( F6 u' F( ]Host: $10.00 no tips7 P8 X. Z# D: \* n
接待:10.00美元/小时 没有小费
' m8 a3 d. p9 `/ b0 `! OAssistant Server: $7.50 per hour plus tips; on average $10.00 per hour with tips
) x; L+ V2 _" U1 F" _7 A3 y5 s# H服务生助理: 7.50美元/小时 有小费;加上小费平均工资可达到10.00美元/小时; k$ u7 W! H4 p! ~8 f. O
Server: $5.75 per hour plus tips; on average $15.00 per hour with tips: P: N) E/ g- U1 o: Y/ }/ D
服务生:5.75美元/小时 有小费;加上小费平均工资可达到15.00美元
0 V' F' f! \8 b7 ]  Z! _. e+ ^- U5 z8 e% k& N- J# w
- E2 O  `6 W$ n; Z( O+ g) `
Requirements  工作要求) j# O3 l4 f9 X$ z# i; ^
Must be South African candidate with prior F&B work experience, luxury or upscale a high interest! ) D: x! ^( T2 {1 e
必须是南非籍且具备餐饮业工作经验,如果是奢华或高档酒店的工作经历择优录取# |7 B" u: {+ w( r
0 Y9 ]7 L* {6 [4 H: h; Z0 _: T
& B* Z9 m7 v' i" ^5 H1 ]
Local attractions  当地信息' |  C& K  x# S; C, ^+ }9 K6 X. ^: u3 O" D! m/ L) \  Q$ P; _3 o8 {8 m
$ B" j: E/ W' _5 H  W' ~; r. K) e; f$ m& v2 {/ L; X' P0 ?
' W8 r1 l& i9 @, b

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